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Auto accidents as a result of crime a serious threat

On behalf of Guy Levy Law posted in auto accidents on Wednesday, December 5, 2018.

California drivers are certainly no strangers to heavy traffic and the crashes that unfortunately result. Not all crashes, however, are innocent mistakes, and some auto accidents occur because someone is driving unsafely to avoid being caught after committing a crime. When a suspect in a vehicle is identified as a party to a crime, law enforcement may feel it necessary to give chase so a suspect is not able to escape. 

Recently, agents with the U.S Border Patrol discovered tire tracks that indicated a vehicle had crossed the border illegally. Agents are on high alert due to a recent rash of illegal crossings that often include human smuggling into the United States. Agents followed the trail and found parts of a vehicle that they determined to be a pickup truck. Soon after, agents came upon the truck in question, and the driver sped off. 

Agents gave chase, and they had to result to using spike strips to attempt to disable the vehicle. The truck hit the spikes and rolled over. The California road where the incident took place was being travelled by innocent drivers, unaware of the circumstances. Witnesses report that the chase, which ended in three deaths and eight injuries, reached speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour. Authorities state that the driver, who survived, will likely face manslaughter charges. 

When auto accidents are caused by the criminal or negligent actions of another party, victims and their families may be enraged. Innocent people who are seriously injured or killed deserve justice. An experienced attorney can often assist victims or their families as they begin the legal process to hold the driver responsible for the accident legally accountable for their pain, suffering and loss. 

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