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Many people believe that dog owners will automatically be held liable if their dog bites someone. This is simply not true.

Considering that nearly 5 million people annually seek medical care after being bitten by a dog, we understand that laws regarding dog bites can be difficult to understand and be misinterpreted.

The fact is that every year thousands of people seek serious medical care for dog bites. And 30,000 people who are bitten by a dog in the U.S. each year require reconstructive surgery, half of which are children who often require long-term treatment due to disfiguring.

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Because dog bites are never planned, you can quickly find yourself in the predicament of having to navigate the complicated laws surrounding dog bites. Most people don’t know that they may be entitled to compensation from the dog owner to cover everything from medical treatment to lost wages due to missing work. Provided the victim was bitten in a public place or on private property legally, dog owners are liable for restitution. This is true whether the dog has a history of vicious behavior or not.

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The last thing you want to worry about if you or a family member has been bitten by a dog is unexpected medical bills. That’s why it is critical that you work with a qualified attorney who can explain, in laymen’s terms, some of the more misunderstood laws about dog bites.

Non-bite injuries from a dog can also occur when a victim is surprised by a lunging, snarling, or barking dog. If the dog’s behavior causes you to fall and physically injure yourself, there are specific laws that address negligence and carelessness on the part of the owner. Also, dog owners and other pet owners whose pet causes injury to livestock, other dogs, cats, or other domestic animals will also be held liable if the circumstances warrant and specific criteria are met. We can quickly help you determine what laws apply specifically to your situation.

You should not have to incur a loss of income or expensive medical care, but every circumstance is different. Guy Levy can protect your rights and recommend a plan of action based on your unique situation.