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We Fight For California Car Accidents Victims

Car Accidents : There is nothing as shuddery like having to be a victim of a car accident. It’s so frightening that it often leaves one in a dilemma of not knowing what to do or who to call for help.

As such, for you not to drown in the waves of shock that comes from being a victim of a car accident, you’ll first have to understand that auto accidents are inevitable. Meaning, it could happen to anyone, irrespective of how careful they are.

Now, let’s take for instance the rate of auto crashes that has been happening in San Diego, CA daily, ranging from a wide array of causes like in using cell phones while driving, driving under the influence of alcohol and over-speeding. Now, all these come together to prove the reason why auto accidents are inevitable.

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And while the aftermath effect of auto accidents is always overwhelming, if you unfortunately get to find yourself in one, try not be terrified, as there are some vital steps through which you can use in overcoming this kind of shock.

So, what are these steps?

Call The Police

Legally, the first port of call for any law abiding citizen should be to draw the attention of the police, whenever they find themselves in a tight situation.

Thus, if you happen to find yourself in an auto crash in San Diego, CA, do well to first visit the police station, in order to make a formal report of what happened.

Now, why is this so important?

It is important, especially for those that will want to make further investigation into what really happened. And in doing this, your attorney will need a filled police report in order to represent your case properly.

Car Insurance

Once you’re done filling the police report, it’d be time for you to contact your car insurance company, regardless of whether the accident was your fault or not.

But before doing this, be sure that vital documents like in the model of the car, a description of what happened(could use a police report), an eye witness note, the precised location of the auto crash(street names inclusive),and the other involved party’s car insurance data, are readily available, as it will be needed.

An Attorney

After filing a police report and contacting your car insurance company, you will then need to get yourself an attorney whose speciality is in administering auto accident cases.

In San Diego, CA, you can find such lawyers, who will not only help you out in taking you through the legal system, but also land you a settlement when due, especially if you were injured in the auto accident.

You can get to find these sort of lawyers at Guy Levy Law, who are professionally skilled in helping injured auto accidents victims in getting their rightful settlements.

The primary benefit derived from using us is that, unlike in the case of other law firms where auto accident victims are being charged prior to the settlement, at Guy Levy Law Car Accident Lawyer, all expenses are being covered by us and later deducted when the settlement is given.

We came up with this mode of operation because we know how frustrating it is for an auto accident victim, who is still battling to recover, to spend a huge sum of money on legal proceedings before even being settled.

And so, if you happen to know anyone who got engaged in a an auto accident in San Diego, CA, or whose looking for lawyers that will help them get their rightful settlement, then we’ve got you covered

If you’d wish to speak with any of our auto accident lawyers, you can do so by contacting us in the number below.