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We Fight For California Defective Product Victims


Presently, due to the existence of Defective Products, there has been an increase in the claims of products causing harm to their buyers. And some of these popular claims include:

  • Defunct Automobile Parts: airbags, brakes, seat belts, tires
  • Defunct Infant Accessories
  • Defunct Health Apparatus and Implants
  • Defunct Domestic Products
  • Contaminated Edible Products
  • Inexperienced Manufacturers

Inappropriate Design

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Before setting out to introduce a product into the market, manufactures should always ensure that the physical quality of their product, matches its proposed users.

That’s is to say, if you’re out to design baby ‘s toys, avoid using metallic or sharp objects in making such products, in order not to harm the children while they are playing with it.

An instance could be seen in Jarts, who had to change their original metallic design, after a good number of people complained of it causing injuries.

Inexperienced Manufacturers

Thoughts become actions, and the case is no different when it comes to manufacturing.

Some inexperienced manufacturers are often fond of making grievous mistakes that could lead to serious injuries on its users.

Let’s take for instance, manufacturers that produce substandard electric cords which, if not properly managed, could lead to electrocution, sparks, and so on.

Quick Defunct Products

Competition is healthy in business, no doubt, but at times it pushes some manufacturers into producing commodities in a hurry.

Now, how does this lead to the production of defunct products?

When a Manufacturing company rushes into producing a commodity, out of pressure to keep up with others, they tend to pay less attention to some core details in their products.

This is mostly seen in car manufacturing companies, where one manufacturing company could produce a car in a haste, just to keep up with its competitors.

And as a result of these, there has been an increase in the number of accidents in the United States of America, due to faults like failed brakes, bad tires, and so on.

Inadequate Security & Premises Liability law

The is one of the most complicated laws in the legal system, as it’s often being tied to people in different classes, status and possessions.

As such, unless you’re accustomed to, or can totally comprehend the analysis that shows the duties linked to licensees, intruders or invitees, and other legal requirements, you need to get yourself a lawyer if you’ve been wounded while on another person’s property.

And the fact that the approaches toward handling cases like these aren’t all the same is one of the reasons why you need a lawyer to be your guide.

Underneath are some of the most common claims on premises liability:

  • Work construction site
  • Swimming pool arena
  • Military barracks

Lethal Drugs

So far so good, the drug prescriptions industries over the years has grown tremendously. And one of the advantage of using these companies is that you can never run out of options in finding were the appropriate drugs can be prescribed for you.

And annually on research and development for new batch of drugs, billions of dollars are often being spent on making it a success.

The thing about taking lethal drugs is that while some could get away with it, others could unfortunately get to suffer life damaging effects such as death

Health Malpractice

Unarguably, health practitioners do help us whenever we are ill or need any medical advice. Perhaps, this is the the reason why most people often overlook, when these same health workers make grievous mistakes that sometimes costs the life of our loved ones.

Truth be told, justice should always be ensued whenever a thing like this happens, where someone dies as a result of a mistake from a medical practitioner.

In summary, if this happens, get yourself a a lawyer.

Below are some of the most common health injustices:

  • Wrong diagnosis
  • Surgical mistakes
  • Anaesthetic oversight
  • Erroneous treatments
  • Wrong Medical procedure