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Auto accidents can result in serious criminal charges

On behalf of Guy Levy Law posted in auto accidents on Thursday, November 22, 2018.

California drivers typically try to do their best to be safe behind the wheel and avoid an accident. While most drivers probably consider the risk of speeding and driving in a manner that puts themselves or other motorists at risk for serious injury or death, not all drivers are as considerate. When people break the law while driving, they can cause fatal auto accidents that ruin the lives of innocent people. 

Recently, a California man was allegedly driving under the influence. He made the terrible decision to engage in a race with another vehicle. The man had a female passenger and a 4-year-old child along for the ride. 

The dangerous driving maneuvers resulted in a crash that killed a man. The victim’s body was not discovered until the next day, after his mother contacted police hoping to find her missing son. The driver believed to have been at fault left the crash scene and is said to have let another person take the blame. After gathering evidence from the crash scene, police quickly determined that the suspect they had arrested was not the guilty party, and soon arrested the man who currently stands accused of DUI, child abuse and murder, among other charges. 

Auto accidents that are caused by the careless behavior of another driver can have devastating consequences. Victims, or the surviving families of deceased victims, may face medical bills, funeral expenses, loss of income and other serious financial issues. Many seek the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney, who can seek full financial accountability from the party or parties deemed responsible for the accident. 

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