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Child victims of auto accidents: injured for the holidays

On behalf of Guy Levy Law posted in auto accidents on Thursday, December 20, 2018.

Most California children are probably counting down the days until the school year pauses for holiday break. Many look forward to gifts, trips, family traditions and even watching a favorite seasonal movie. Auto accidents can occur at a moment’s notice, and unfortunately, a few children recently got a rough start to the holiday season. 

The day in question began as a regular school day for a group of California students, but ended in a frightening ordeal. A bus carrying over 30 children was traveling its usual route to school. As the bus approached the destination, disaster struck. 

Authorities say that a car crashed into the back of the loaded bus. The impact caused over a dozen students on board to suffer injuries that required hospital treatment. The other students on the bus, though not as severely injured, were understandably shaken by the crash. The accident remains under investigation as law enforcement attempts to establish exactly what occurred. Parents were contacted immediately, and the scene of the accident was closed to traffic so police could gather evidence. 

Auto accidents can cause injury to innocent people; in this case, a group of school children. Instead of looking forward to the holidays, these families must now deal with medical bills, insurance matters and an injured child to boot. In such situations, an experienced attorney may be able to assist victims and their families as they attempt to deal with legal matters that may pop up in the aftermath of a serious accident, and help ensure that the driver that caused the injuries is held financially accountable for the damages that typically follow such tragedies. 

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