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Dangers of representing yourself in a personal injury case

Have you been injured by the negligence and wrongful acts of others? If so, you have the right to pursue compensation for the losses and damages by filing a personal injury claim. While there’s no statutory law for seeking legal representation when pursuing compensation for your damages, self-representation isn’t advisable.

Here’s why:

1. Determination of case valuation

The value of a personal injury case must be ascertained before a case is filed. This process involves numerous aspects, including:

• The amount of insurance money available
• The number of defendants
• The complexity of the legal issues involved
• The extent of personal injuries

With self-representation, determining case valuation can be challenging since you have no experience in personal injury cases. However, a personal injury attorney can reconstruct an accident scene or find expert witness testimony for your case valuation.

2. Profits over people

Any personal injury case is required to name a defendant who can be a driver in the case of an accident or a business when it’s a defective product injury. Most defendants are typically represented by insurance companies whose main interest is to generate profit. And, by paying victims, they can’t meet this bottom line.

Hence, insurance companies take advantage of victims who don’t have legal representation for their own benefit. This means they pay as little as possible by settling cases for less than their true value.

3. Limited resources

It’s highly unlikely that you can hire various service providers for assistance with insurance claims, investigations, civil court filings, and other essential services. Besides, investing in these services can cost you a fortune and waste a lot of time that you would rather spend focusing on your recovery.

You’re better off hiring a personal injury firm that has all the required resources in place to provide an extensive insight into the process. For instance, personal injury firms have their own private investigators that can assess your case to determine liability.

4. You don’t know the right steps

While you can certainly do your own research to determine the personal injury claims process, you lack the scope of understanding personal injury lawyers offer. Since personal injury lawyers have worked on numerous cases over the years, they have experience in handling even the most difficult cases.

From communicating with insurance companies and exploring available options to protecting your interests and navigating your medical matters, personal injury lawyers know what to do and when to do it.

Without the guidance of a lawyer, you’re more likely to make errors and mistakes that adversely impact the outcome of your case.

5. Negotiations and litigation

You may assume representing yourself is a good idea since most personal injury cases get resolved out of court. However, ensuring these settlements are fair and have your best interest at heart is challenging. As mentioned earlier, insurance companies can go to greater lengths to pay you as little as possible, and, at the time, you may not understand that the pay is unfair.

Luckily for you, a personal injury lawyer knows what a fair offer looks like and can easily negotiate so that you receive the compensation you deserve. And, if litigation becomes necessary, the right legal representation can navigate the complex and high stake legal proceedings involved.

Need a personal injury lawyer?

At Guy Levy law, our personal injury lawyers have earned a reputation as proven and passionate advocates seeking to protect the rights of victims. With our decades of collective experience in personal injury law, we can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Our goal is to help our clients navigate the unique and challenging aspects of their personal injury cases. Contact us today to hire your personal injury lawyer.

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