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Intentional auto accidents a frightening reality

On behalf of Guy Levy Law posted in auto accidents on Wednesday, May 8, 2019.

By name, car accidents are usually just that: an accident. California drivers do everything they can to avoid such a scenario. Strangely, a recent headline aims to make the public aware that sometimes auto accidents are intentional — an attempt to harm others on the part of a wayward driver. 

Recently, a California driver, for reasons yet unknown, decided to drive straight into a group of pedestrians. It is not suspected at this time that the man is affiliated with any sort of criminal or terrorist organization, but the ordeal was so strange, investigators continue to hunt for clues. Witnesses and evidence suggest that the driver made no attempt to slow down or avoid striking the people on foot, and when the chaos settled, eight pedestrians had suffered serious injuries. 

The driver was charged with eight counts of attempted murder. Investigators are unsure what prompted the man to commit such a crime, and at this time, it does not appear he had any connection to any of the victims. Investigators obtained a warrant to search the man’s home and are trying to figure out why a person would purposefully cause such harm to random strangers. 

When people become the victims of auto accidents in California, they may want to hold the responsible driver accountable in a court of law. When victims are already suffering from injury, the legal process may seem a bit daunting. Having an experienced attorney take up the fight can allow a victim to take time to heal as he or she seeks legal recourse to recover any monetary damages or compensation that may be provided by law. 

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