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New changes to workers’ compensation laws

On behalf of Guy Levy Law posted in workers’ compensation on Monday, October 8, 2018.

Many California workers may not be aware that several new laws have been signed to protect them. If  employees are unaware of their rights, they may not know that they are now eligible for workers’ compensation under expanded circumstances. Previously, police officers and firefighters that were injured while off duty but still performing duties related to their day job could not make a claim for workers’ compensation. 

The new California laws have changed this policy. The changes were proposed after a tragedy last year. During a terrible mass shooting in Las Vegas, off-duty California Police officers were injured trying to help their counterparts from another state. 

The previous law would only allow a workers’ compensation claim if someone was on duty in his or her home jurisdiction. The new laws have expanded to cover workers that are still doing their jobs, even if it is not at their scheduled time or location in which they usually work. It has also removed the statute of limitations regarding families of employees who are killed on the job for filing workers’ compensation death benefits. 

If an employee suspects he or she may have a legitimate workers’ compensation claim, that person may do well to contact an experienced attorney. An attorney may be up to date on recent law changes and can explain options to a potential claimant in a way he or she can understand. Having a good attorney on the side of an injured worker can help ensure that the worker can collect any benefits he or she may be eligible for. 

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