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Guy Levy Law Nurses Appreciation Offer

Guy Levy Law is offering free lunch during August 2021 to any type of nurse who is currently employed at a hospital in San Diego County. Please see details below on how to have the free meal or a gift card delivered to you.

  1. Text the word “Nurse” to Guy Levy Law at 619-232-9900. You will receive an auto-response requesting your first and last name and the name of the hospital at which you are currently employed.
  2. After you respond to our text with your first and last name, and the hospital where you work, we will need proof of identity. Therefore we will request you to respond with the link to your LinkedIn profile (which is the easiest way), but if your LinkedIn profile is not public or you do not have one, you will be asked to send a photo of your “nurse badge/ID” showing your name.
  3. Lastly, we will ask which restaurant you would like us to either purchase a $25 gift card and have it mailed to your preferred address, OR send a name of the restaurant and the item(s) in the meal you would like up to $25 value, as well as an address (such as your hospital & department, or home address), along with the date and time of when you would like the free meal delivery to arrive.

What does Guy Levy Law do with the information you share with us?

It is our business practice to never sell or share any information about any clients or those who text Guy Levy Law. The information you share with Guy Levy Law remains confidential. We do NOT send marketing messages, but we do provide help with legal matters, if and only when requested. We occasionally send holiday greetings, event invitations, and we send a very nice birthday gift valued at $40 to the friends who remain connected to Guy Levy Law through our text message system.

Why is Guy Levy Law offering a free meal to nurses?

Guy Levy Law wishes to take action and provide tangible support to nurses, since they hold a special place in our hearts.

We are well-aware that working in a hospital is not easy for nurses in the first place, but we know that it is especially more difficult during this time when Covid cases are on the rise again. Offering free meals to nurses is simply to show our appreciation for what they do, and how much they sacrifice.

Please feel free to contact our office at 619-232-9900 if you have any questions regarding the nurses’ free meal offer. We wish you a happy and healthy Summer 2021!

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