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Popular beverage causes serious personal injury

On behalf of Guy Levy Law posted in personal injury on Thursday, November 8, 2018.

California residents may be among the millions of Americans that like to kick back and relax, sometimes with an adult beverage. Though alcohol is usually considered safe when consumed responsibly by people of legal drinking age, a recent beer purchase caused one consumer to sufferserious personal injury. The injury was not caused by consumption of the product, but rather the bottle it came in. 

The trouble for popular beer brand Corona began when a California man purchased a package of bottled beer at his local retailer. After taking his cold brews home, he may have been looking forward to enjoying one, but he never got the chance. One of the bottles, still in the package, exploded, sending pieces of glass flying into the man’s skin. 

Upon investigation, it was discovered that his injury was not as uncommon as it first appeared. Reports surfaced that in years past, several other people, including a toddler, fell victim to similar injuries. People familiar with the beer brewing process warn that this is a known risk, especially if beer has too much sugar added, or is bottled too soon after a batch is brewed. 

If California consumers suffer personal injury, they may be looking for a way to hold a manufacturer legally responsible for their faulty product. Many times, victims may benefit from contacting an experienced attorney. An attorney is often able to help a victim prepare to tell their story in court, and explain how a careless company caused injuries that may affect them for years to come. 

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