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Reckless driving often leads to personal injury

On behalf of Guy Levy Law posted in personal injury on Wednesday, January 30, 2019.

All licensed drivers in California and beyond are legally obligated to adhere to traffic and safety regulations when they get behind the wheel. Such regulations are governed at the state level and may slightly vary by state; however, most states have laws against reckless driving, as such behavior places drivers, other motorists and pedestrians at great risk for personal injury. An incident occurred near a children’s hospital recently that prompted an investigation by state highway patrol officers.

It was a Tuesday afternoon when the accident occurred. Two vehicles were involved. Preliminary investigations reportedly showed that one of the drivers was being reckless moments before the crash. He was allegedly weaving in and out of traffic when he suddenly lost all control of steering, veered over the line and hit an oncoming vehicle in the other lane.

The tremendous force of impact in the collision resulted in the death of the driver whose vehicle had crossed into oncoming traffic. The driver of the other car suffered multiple injuries. In situations like this, the highest priority is making sure anyone who is injured receives immediate medical attention.

Those who survive California motor vehicle accidents often have to take time off work during recovery. When another driver’s recklessness is determined to have caused an accident, a recovering victim may seek justice in a civil court. In situations like the one mentioned earlier, where the person believed to have caused a collision has suffered fatal injury, a surviving victim may file a personal injury claim against his or her estate.

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