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Steps To Take After A Motorcycle Accident

Getting in a motorcycle accident can be a very traumatic experience for many people, so there are some important steps you need to remember to take if this happens to you. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and you are conscious and aware, take the time to follow each of the steps outlined below:

motorcycle accident

Make sure everyone involved in the accident is safe

When the accident takes place, the very first step you need to take is to assure the safety of you and everyone at the scene. Make sure that pedestrians, oncoming traffic, and those involved directly in the accident are okay and that you are not obstructing oncoming traffic. If any of the people are injured, you may want to administer first aid and, in some cases, CPR. Once you know everybody is okay or being treated, you can contact the authorities.

Contact the authorities as soon as the scene is safe

If people have been injured in the accident, you will want to contact 911 and tell them there are injuries and to send an ambulance. 911 dispatchers will also send the police to the scene as well as the ambulance. Time is of the essence so you will want to make sure to call 911 as soon as humanly possible after the safety of the people there is assured.

Gather contact information and exchange insurance policy information

If you have not been seriously injured, you will be able to spend the time to gather contact information and exchange insurance policy information with other people involved in the accident. If the other driver or motorcycle operator does not have insurance information or claims to not have insurance, leave it up to the authorities to gather that information for you.

Talk to the witnesses at the scene

Make sure you have a conversation with all the witnesses of the accident and gather information that can be used in your favor if there is a court proceeding concerning the accident. It is important not to admit fault at the scene to anyone, even if you feel you are to blame. Let the courts decide who is to blame in any necessary proceedings. It’s your job to find out what the witnesses have to say about the accident when you are at the scene itself.

Follow up with medical treatment

You may not have immediate injuries that require obvious attention, however, in time, you may develop issues from the accident. One way or the other, you’re going to have to follow up with medical treatment in order to create a record for court proceedings. Even if you don’t feel that you are injured, it is a good idea to get checked out by the hospital to see what your real status is at the time of the accident or soon after.

Understand your rights and talk to an attorney

You have to understand the process involved with a motorcycle accident. The other steps outlined here are the first things to do, but the next step to do is to call your insurance company and then an attorney. This should all be done the day of the accident if possible, or very soon after. Do not let any significant amount of time lapse between the accident and contacting both your insurance company and an attorney. There are time limits for paperwork that need to be filled out, and court proceedings could be costly if you don’t get your evidence together to win your case, so make sure you follow all of these steps.

Taking the above steps in the event of a motorcycle accident will tend to all of the necessary items needed to take care of everyone including yourself. Making sure that these steps of are followed will prepare you for the worst-case scenario in the event of legal proceedings either for or against you, so make sure to follow them if you end up in the unfortunate event of a motorcycle accident.

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