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Under construction: Every day risk of personal injury

On behalf of Guy Levy Law posted in personal injury on Wednesday, March 13, 2019.

When a California neighborhood is considered to be safe, people usually mean that there is not a high risk of becoming the victim of a crime. While certainly, this is an important aspect to consider before taking a walk around one’s community, crime is certainly not the only risk. Sometimes, a person can suffer a serious personal injury quite unexpectedly, and in many cases, a victim may hit be aware he or she is in danger until it is too late. 

Recently, a small group of people were making their way on foot through Hollywood. As they approached a building that was under construction, they likely had no idea that disaster would soon strike. For reasons that are still largely unknown, scaffolding collapsed on the pedestrians. 

One of the victims was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, while two others received aid at the scene. As investigators tried to determine what caused the heavy materials to come crashing down on the pedestrians, several witnesses reported that a gust of wind may have been a factor. The victims, injured and certainly shaken, may have been upset that the sidewalk was not closed off to foot traffic to prevent such injuries to innocent people. 

Surely, accidents happen. In cases of personal injury, a California victim may feel that he or she deserves to seek justice against the party responsible for his or her injury. In such instances, help is available in the form of an experienced attorney. Medical bills, physical and mental suffering, and loss of wages due to inability to work can often befall a victim through no fault of his or her own. An attorney can help a client seek monetary compensation to which he or she may be entitled in a court of law and ensure that the party responsible for the suffering is held legally accountable. 

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