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Veteran suffers serious personal injury in bizarre incident

On behalf of Guy Levy Law posted in personal injury on Thursday, May 23, 2019.

Veterans deserve our respect and gratitude, and all across the nation, there are groups and organizations set up to assist these brave men and women with whatever he or she may need. One California veteran was using just such a service to get a ride home from the airport. As the driver, with the veteran comfortably in tow, made his way toward an underpass, the unthinkable happened, resulting in serious personal injury. 

It seems that another man had stolen some equipment from a road crew earlier in the day. For some strange reason, perhaps trying to destroy evidence of his crime, he threw a large camera on a tripod off the bridge. The camera went through the windshield of the van the veteran in which the veteran was riding. 

The camera, which was large and heavy, struck the man so hard it impaled him. His lung was punctured. The shocked driver quickly called for help. The veteran had a punctured lung and broken ribs but is expected to recover eventually with proper care. The suspect who threw the object has been arrested, and an investigation is ongoing. 

When a personal injury occurs in California, victims may quickly feel helpless or overwhelmed. In addition to physical pain and suffering, a victim may have to face medical bills, inability to work due to injury, mental suffering, and other stresses that can pile up while a victim attempts to recover. Many victims choose to bring an experienced attorney on board to help bring the party who caused the injury to justice in a court of law. An attorney can fight for a victim throughout the legal process, and a victim can recover in peace, knowing a compassionate professional is on his or her side. 

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