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What is my auto accident claim worth?

Perhaps a common question among most car accident victims is whether filing and pursuing a claim is worth the hassle. This is especially true if a victim has suffered severe injuries and can hardly go about their normal daily activities. However, knowing the worth of your auto accident claim can provide the motivation needed to make up your mind.

Working with an auto accident attorney is a great way of knowing what your claim could be worth – or at least the estimated worth. But more important to note is that there are various factors that determine the worth of your claim. Before you can give up your right to seek compensation, it is important that you consider the following factors and how they impact your case:

Nature and severity of your injuries

The type of injury suffered in a car accident will determine greatly the value of your claim, and most jurors and insurers will give higher awards to individuals who suffer catastrophic injuries. Spinal cord injury and severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) are some of the common injuries that necessitate huge compensation amounts since they affect a victim’s life for a long time.

When deciding the value of your claim, insurance companies will take into account such catastrophic and life-long injuries. Generally, insurers will offer large payouts in car accident cases where the plaintiff suffers life-altering injuries.

Medical expenses

At the time of filing your auto accident claim, insurance companies will look at the cost of treatment for your injuries as well as future medical expenses. If you have made several visits to a doctor due to your injury be sure that this will be captured when valuing your claim.

Other medical expenses that often determine the value of an auto accident claim include:

• Prescriptions
• Physical therapy
• In-home nursing
• Out-of-pocket expenses

To ensure that you recover maximum compensation for your medical expenses, ensure that you visit the medical professionals recommended to you by your doctor. Most importantly, keep all the medical records as they come in handy in backing up your medical expenses.

Contributory negligence

In cases where the plaintiff also contributed to the car accident, the doctrine of pure comparative negligence provides that they can only recover compensation up to the extent that they weren’t responsible for their own injuries.

So, how does this affect the value of their claim? Here’s how. Suppose a jury establishes that the plaintiff was 30% responsible for the car accident. That means that if they were to be awarded $100,000 in compensation, they would only end up with 70% of the award, which is $70,000.

Information provided when filing your claim

Providing the necessary information and documents is crucial to the value of your claim. This is why working with an experienced car accident lawyer can’t be emphasized enough, as they help you avail all the relevant documents when filing your claim.

Some of the most important documents you require when filing your claim include:

• A police report detailing the occurrence of the accident and to prove that you were not at fault for the accident.
• Your doctor’s report indicating the injuries suffered and a prognosis about the treatment you’ll require in the future.
• A report by eye witnesses to corroborate your statement about the accident.
• Your statement and that of your family to show how your accident has impacted your life and theirs.

At Guy Levy Law, we understand the anguish that comes with car accidents. Our team of car accident lawyers is compassionate and always dedicated to help accident victims recover their deserved compensation by ensuring they take the right steps and provide the relevant documents when filing their claims. If you have been involved in a car accident and are not sure of the value of your claim, call us today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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