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What to do if you get in a car accident during COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak is drastically changing how we live because of self-quarantine orders. However, people that work in essential businesses still need to leave their homes while others go out for essential shopping.

Therefore, accidents during COVID can still occur, even with fewer drivers around. Additionally, with all the stress and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, behaviour on the roads can get worse.

So, what do you do when you get into a car accident during the coronavirus pandemic?

1. Take extra precautions at the scene

COVID-19 is spread from person to person through droplets when they cough or sneeze. Therefore, maintaining social distance at a car accident scene is vital in ensuring you keep yourself and others safe. For example, stand six feet apart from everyone else at the scene.

When it comes to sharing critical information such as names, driver’s license numbers, and insurance policy information, do so verbally to minimize contact. Alternatively, you can exchange contact information so that everyone can message you their details.

2. Sanitize

Accidents can be stressful and confusing, making you feel anxious and nervous. However, this doesn’t mean you forgo all the safety measures that protect you against COVID-19. For example, sanitize your hands after helping other people involved in the accident out of their vehicles. Also, avoid touching your hands and face during the accident.

3. Contact the local authorities

Whether your auto accident is minor or severe, it’s wise to contact the local authorities since they can clear the scene, making it safe. Moreover, authorities can transport any casualties or injured persons to the nearest hospital for treatment.

Once you contact the police, ensure you have a copy of the police report as this can help in your personal injury case. You should also get the name of the responding officer and any other names and information of witnesses at the scene.

4. Seek medical treatment

Health care and medical care are some of the essential services listed by the government. Hence, after an accident, don’t hesitate to seek medical treatment. While at times, you may not have immediate injuries that require attention, you can develop issues in the long run as a result of your accident. Try following up on your medical treatment since it creates records for use in your court proceedings.

Such medical records are essential in building your personal injury case to receive full compensation for the injuries caused during the car accident. Seeking medical treatment not only makes your car accident injuries legal, but it also supports your auto accident claims.

5. Contact your lawyer

At-fault accidents happen all the time due to reckless drivers that put other people at risk. When you’re injured in an accident, and someone else is at fault, you deserve a settlement for your suffering. An auto accident attorney can help you claim compensation for your accident during COVID-19.

Furthermore, seeking legal advice during this pandemic gives you an insight into how the court proceedings will take place. And, if there are any changes you need to know about.

6. Take pictures

Take photos of the accident scene, vehicle damage, location of stop signs, skid marks, and any other traffic signage. These photos play a vital role in your car accident claim, and they can act in your favor during court proceedings.

Need an auto accident lawyer?

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