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What you need to know about catastrophic injury compensation

Have you or your loved one sustained a catastrophic injury? If so, here’s a guide that can help you understand catastrophic injuries to receive your compensation.

Legally, catastrophic injuries are those with proximate and direct consequences, preventing a person from performing any gainful work. This includes anything from housekeeping chores to daily activities such as going to work. Catastrophic injuries are so severe that they leave you with permanent damage.

Catastrophic injuries can also have psychological effects, which can diminish your quality of life. Some common examples of catastrophic injuries include:

• Serious burns
• Spinal cord injuries
• Brain injuries

Luckily, for a catastrophic injury, you can pursue a lawsuit or settlement with the help of a personal injury lawyer. However, since catastrophic injuries are serious and life-threatening injuries, you need serious representation from an experienced attorney. Only a skilled personal injury lawyer can legally represent you to receive the compensation you or your loved one deserve.

Types of catastrophic injuries

Generally, there are three main types of catastrophic injuries, and they include:

1. Physical injuries

These refer to any damage caused to your orthopedic function and tissue. They are the most common, and they include severe structures, amputation, and organ damage. Physical injuries can be caused by accidents, slip and fall injuries, hazardous construction sites, or faulty machinery.

Whatever the case, you can hold the responsible party liable and receive compensation.

2. Spinal cord injuries

As the name suggests, these injuries exclusively affect your spinal cord, creating permanent mobility issues.

3. Cognitive injuries

These injuries are the most costly, both financially and emotionally, and they are caused by extensive brain damage. This can affect your ability to speak, work, or create new memories. Cognitive injuries usually take a huge toll on a victim’s family as they have to take care of the injured individual around the clock.

This can be emotionally draining and cause some family members to quit their jobs to become caregivers full-time.

Expenses related to catastrophic injuries

In a catastrophic injury claim, you can receive compensation for two types of damages, economic and non-economic. Economic damages are tangible expenses, such as medical treatments that have monetary value. Alternatively, non-economic damages are intangible expenses like loss of consortium, and they don’t have a specific monetary value.

Some of the expenses related to catastrophic injuries:

1. Medical expenses

These are economic damages, and they include any future medical costs, therapy and medication. In-home medical care, physical therapy, and nursing assistance can quickly add up, straining your finances. Hence, it’s wise to hire a personal injury lawyer to help you with your catastrophic injury claim so you can get reimbursement.

2. Pain and suffering

The physical pain and emotional suffering that comes with catastrophic injuries can adversely affect your health and well-being. Besides, many catastrophic injury victims end up traumatized by the ordeal. Luckily, you can receive compensation for your loss of comfort and happiness after a catastrophic injury.

A personal injury lawyer can help you calculate and identify the damages you need to be compensated for. Remember, the more severe the injuries, the more aspects your lawyer will have to consider when calculating the value of your claim.

What to do after a catastrophic injury

First, find a personal injury lawyer and focus on your immediate recovery. Once you’ve secured a personal injury lawyer, you can start the claims process with peace of mind from knowing you’re in good hands.

Second, maintain records or have a trusted family member or friend maintain them for you. This includes medications, therapies, and communications with insurance companies.

Lastly, gather evidence following your severe injury to support your catastrophic injury claim.

Contact Guy Levy Law today for more information about catastrophic injury compensation.

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