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Why Guy Levy Law is Among the Best San Diego Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers Who Have Won Big Insurance Settlements from CalTrans

Guy Levy Law is among the top San Diego personal injury law firms that has won multi-million dollar settlements to secure the maximum payout for clients who were severely injured or died as a result of a CalTrans semi-truck accident.

CalTrans’s primary job is to maintain highways and freeways throughout Cali. CalTrans trucks are an integral part of keeping Cali up and running, hauling goods all over the state to make deliveries on time for Cali residents. CalTrans has a large fleet of semi-truck workhorses crisscrossing Cali every day to make sure business gets done, but accidents can happen. As with any large company or organization, there can be serious failings in oversight which result in negligent actions by CalTrans truck drivers leading to serious accidents which lead to big lawsuits against CalTrans .

The best San Diego CalTrans truck accident lawyers are those who have won many CalTrans insurance settlements. CalTrans is a state organization that has contracted with many semi-trucking companies to haul materials and large equipment for road repair projects. CalTrans assigns the job of getting these heavy loads from point A to point B safely, but sometimes errors occur along the way, leading to dangerous accidents involving Caltrans trucks and other automobiles on the road. Injuries from these crashes can be severe — even fatal — as often happens in Caltrans truck crashes on busy freeways like Route 56, I-5, I-8, or I-10.

Victims of Caltrans truck accidents may not only sue Caltrans for their injuries, but they may also seek compensation through the state’s insurance fund.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving a semi-truck, it is important to find out any other details that may be important to your case. For example, was the driver properly trained? What type of insurance does CalTrans have to pay for these types of accidents? CalTrans is the state agency responsible for building and maintaining California’s highway infrastructure as well as many local roads. CalTrans trucks are generally insured by CalTrans’ own insurance company, CalNebo.

Call Guy Levy Law if you have been injured in a semi-truck accident at 619-232-9900.

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