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Everything You Need to Know About Product Liability Law

Defective products have been causing thousands of injuries annually in the US. Unknown to many, there is a product liability law that is responsible for cases resulting from any dangerous or defective product. The product liability law necessitates every product in the market should meet reasonable customer expectations. Therefore, if a product has any defect; or places the consumer in danger, it is taken as a breach of the law. So, as a customer, what

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How to Prove You Were Injured Due to a Defective Product

Have you been injured by a defective product? If the answer is yes, you need to speak to an attorney! Here’s why. The median award given in a products liability case is $5,076,430. The amount you receive will depend on the defect and the damage or injury you suffer. To ensure you receive adequate compensation for your injuries, you need to make a robust defective product claim. Keep reading to learn what it takes to prove

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