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San Diego Nurses Offered Complimentary Lunch by Guy Levy Law as Appreciation in Covid Uptick

San Diego, CA (Aug 9, 2021) – Guy Levy Law is pleased to offer complimentary lunch for all nurses who work in San Diego hospitals, as a gesture of appreciation during this recent spike of Covid cases. During August 2021, nurses may receive a free meal delivery or gift card from any small business restaurant of their choice, valued up to $25, by texting the word “Nurse” to Guy Levy Law at 619-232-9900.

“We are all indebted to nurses, especially now, with yet another uptick in Covid cases,” says Guy Levy. “The situation at hospitals will surely be more stressful before things get better, so we just wanted to show them some love.”

Guy Levy Law is a San Diego car accident and personal injury law firm that serves all of California.

For more details about the nurses’ complimentary lunch offer, visit or call 619-232-9900.

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